CIF Silver Ring Ceremony

When forestry students at UBC graduate, they are honoured with a special ritual. The Canadian Institute of Forestry presents each graduate with the Silver Ring as a welcome to the profession of forestry and to symbolize their ethical responsibility moving forward as foresters. The Silver Ring Ceremony is a formal event organized by the graduating class to celebrate the accomplishments of recent graduates. Students fundraise for it since the beginning of the year. It is usually organized in the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in the month of March. It includes a reception, a platted dinner and student and staff speeches and acknowledgements. Both friends and family of graduates are welcome to attend. Members of the graduating class of 2019 are eagerly anticipating theirs. More details to be posted closer to the ceremony date.


The history behind the silver ring 


The very first Silver Ring ceremony was held in 1953 at UBC, organized by the graduating class of forestry and forest engineering. It quickly became a tradition at UBC and by 1961, was adopted by three other forestry schools across the country. Since 1967, all graduates from CIF recognized forestry baccalaureate programs have received identical Silver Rings. 

The Silver Ring is visible evidence of the national bond among Canadian forestry graduates – a bond that overrides differences in levels of responsibility, differences in employment status, differences in province of residence, and differences in language.

It is marked with a maple leaf, who's stem should point towards the heart of the graduate. Students usually coordinate ring sizing in January.  These are the ring prices

CIF members = $42 (including tax)
Non-members= $63 (including tax)

CIF membership 


 If you would like to sign up for a CIF membership go to CIF to sign-up. Sign-up fee for students is $63 (including tax).