Make an impact

Are you looking for ways to stay connected in the Forestry community and network with other students? Would you want to make an impact in Forestry next year? Do you have any ideas on what the FUS could be doing better? Volunteer for one of the positions below.  Following a term of service for any of the below positions, volunteers will receive a free forestry legendary flannel and other merchandise to share your forestry pride with your peers. 



FUS photographer

Share your love for photography at upcoming FUS events while making connections with other forestry students and earning some Greensales freebies along the way. Your photos might be featured in the yearbook! Contact if you want to be notified about upcoming events. 


fus event organizer 

Help out your FUS social coordinators organize our annual events like Halloween, St. Valentines Day or our legendary end-of-year party: Coconut. Network with students, faculty and staff and gain some event planning skills to add to your resume! Contact with any questions. 


student lounge working group 

Are you passionate about interior design? Do you have a vision about the future of our lounge? Our lounge (FSC 1618) is going through some transformations. Share your ideas to make it better with FUS execs. We'll help you materialize them. Best ideas will be shared and featured in FUS social media. Or even better, they might come true! Contact with your ideas and questions.