The Forest Sciences Centre is one of the most beautiful building at the UBC Vancouver Campus. It was completed in 1998 and it is a showcase of our beloved Canadian forest products. The Atrium is structured by tall wooden columns resembling "trunks" which support a skylight roof to recreate the feel of a forest canopy. 

RESEARCH within our faculty 

There is a wide breadth of research happening in the laboratories at the Forest Science Center. Our forestry professors study topics going from tree rings, integrated remote sensing, bioenergy, conservation genetics to African conservation & development and advance wood processing. Visit their laboratory websites to learn more about their research, and possible work or volunteer related opportunities. 


tree ring lab

Dr Lori. D. Daniels studies forest ecology and dendrochronology to understand forest disturbances and climate variations. 

remote sensing .jpg

integrated remote sensing lab

Dr. Nicholas Coops' research focuses on the application of remote sensing imagery to the monitoring and mapping of forest health and productivity 

landscapes and livelihoods .jpeg

landscapes & livelihoods lab 

Dr, Jeanine Rhetmulla studies on how to manage landscapes to maintain ecosystem function