Our Mission

The FUS Council is motivated by helping each UBC Forestry student get the most out of their undergraduate experience. Therefore our goals are designed with students best interests in mind. Our mission is to:

  • Create an environment of sharing knowledge, experiences, and life lessons
  • Demonstrate a lifestyle that builds a positive reputation and enables confidence in the student body as a whole
  • Connect individuals from an array of backgrounds with similar interests in the forest
  • Enhance student experiences in learning, social life, recreation, and professional development
  • Lead students to pursue their interests and future aspirations


The Forestry Undergraduate Society is a self-governed group focused on the continued improvement of the academic and social environment in the Faculty. Looking to the future,we envision the FUS to continue to represent the entirety of the Forestry student body. We aim to support the interests of all forestry students by providing resources and community involvement. We would like to envision that students create their own environment